Ben Simpson is a TEDx Cryptocurrency & Digital Asset Keynote Speaker. He has spoken across Australia, America, Singapore, Dubai and focuses on explaining all things Crypto, Web3, Bitcoin simply.

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BIG reasons that people

LOVE working with Ben


Customized & Simple

Every speech is personally crafted by Ben to suit your unique audience and, desired outcomes. His ability to explain crypto in simple-to-understand language is what he does every day. The audience will walk away finally understanding the Web3 space.



Ben does the work to get to know your audience. Blending his rich personal credibility with the research on your people means he wins the trust of the audience and engages powerfully.



With over 6 years of experience in Web3 & Digital Assets in his career and personal experience from speaking in 5 different countries with audiences big and small, you have the confidence of knowing he knows what he is doing. Ben is also a TedX speaker on crypto.



Ben takes his craft very seriously. From your first conversation through every step of the process you discover how both off and on the stage, there is a permanent focus to be easy to work with and to serve the event’s objectives.engages powerfully.



Things change, agendas move and sometimes square pegs cannot be forced in round holes. Booking Ben delivers you a professional that can roll with the punches and work with your constraints to secure the ultimate audience experience..



When you book Ben, he is in service of your event and not his speech. This means you will see him experiencing much of the event prior to his speech, he will make himself available for Q&A sessions, facilitate breakout sessions, attend conference events and much, much more.


Western Australian, Perth Angel Web3 Investing Event


Global Human Insights Conference

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