Verify Collective Shift

Protect yourself from scammers and phishing attacks. Use this guide to verify Collective Shift’s social media accounts, website and email addresses.

Unfortunately, online scammers are disguising themselves as Collective Shift. They deceive our followers in several ways in an attempt to steal fiat money and cryptocurrency.

Common tricks that scammers use:

  • Email spoofing (scammers pretending to be Collective Shift, i.e. using a fake email address under the name ‘Collective Shift’)
  • Pasting malicious links in instant messages and online groups
  • Social media profiles with manipulated Collective Shift links (social media profiles pretending to be Collective Shift, i.e. creating fake profiles, commenting on posts, privately messaging people)
  • Chat with impersonated Collective Shift support profile (impersonating Collective Shift to provide help/assistance to a question online)

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Below are examples of what Collective Shift will never ask for. If a supposed ‘Collective Shift’ account asks you for either of these, treat them as suspicious.

  • We will never ask you to send us cryptocurrency as part of a giveaway, competition or some other marketing campaign.
  • We will never ask you to send us your seed phrase or private key.

Verified Collective Shift Accounts

When you’re contacted by Collective Shift, please verify that you received communication from the accounts listed below. If something feels off, please contact us at one of the below accounts to verify.

Note, Collective Shift does not have an account on the following platforms: Telegram, Snapchat, Steemit and Reddit. If you are contacted by ‘Collective Shift’ on any of these platforms, it’s a scam.