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The Company operates the Collective Shift platform (Platform) and Collective Shift Community (Community), for its members to access content and videos, and discuss topics on cryptocurrency, blockchain and investments. Membership to and use of the Community is subject to these Terms and Conditions.

All information provided on the Community by the Company, its people or any Member is factual information only. None of the information provided on the Community by the Company or any other Member constitutes financial product advice and shall not be treated as such by any Member.

We are not financial, investment or professional advisors. If you are seeking financial, investment or professional advice, then the Community is simply not for you. Moderators may remove posts where they believe an individual is directly asking the Company, its people or members for financial, investment or professional advice.

Before agreeing to these Terms of Service, you must read the Important Information. By accessing the Community, you acknowledge that you have read the Important Information.


Last updated: 01/08/2023