365-Day Money Back Guarantee

We’re so confident that you will derive value from Collective Shift membership, that we offer all new members a money back guarantee within the first year! 

How Does it Work?

If within your first year of membership, after putting our platform and membership to the test, you haven’t obtained the value you expected, then simply make a Refund Request and we will reimburse you for the full amount of membership fees you have paid up to the date of the request. The Money Back Guarantee is subject to meeting certain conditions. 

In order to be eligible for the refund you must:

  1. have remained a paid up Collective Shift member for a continuous period of 8 calendar months or more;
  2. have completed the Beginners Course in full (evidenced by a 100% completed progress bar which can be found within the members area of the platform);
  3. email us with a ‘Refund Request’ prior to the end of the first year (i.e. within a year from the date upon which your membership began). 

Your Refund Request must contain the following:

a) Your full name, membership number and the date upon which you became a member;

b) A confirmation that you have: 

i. completed the Beginners Course; 

ii. read and followed all of our member resources; 

iii. watched our monthly Q&A videos; and 

iv. joined our community and stayed in regular contact with our platform throughout your membership period.

c) Full details as to why you believe membership didn’t work for you. 

Here, we ask you to please describe why membership was not a good fit for you, if you had any expectations that you feel were not met by the membership and how you think the membership, courses or the platform could be improved. 

The Refund Request should be sent to: [email protected]

Why do we need the Refund Request?

The Refund Request is an essential element of the Money Back Guarantee. 

We want to ensure our members are happy, making effective use of the platform and getting the most out of interacting with the community.  Robust feedback is fundamental to this goal.

We’re truly committed to continually improving our courses, platform and member services and so collecting and analysing the information in the Refund Request is integral to our efforts to learn from member experiences (both positive and negative) and make adjustments to our services where necessary.

In practice, this may mean refining, adding to, fixing, and in some instances eliminating aspects of our programs, platforms and services where they could be better and/or provide greater value to members.

What about the cooling off period?

The Money Back Guarantee is in addition to our normal ‘cooling-off’ period policy. 

We will of course continue to offer all new members a full refund in circumstances where they determine within the first 48 hours of becoming a member that collective shift membership is just not for them.

Simply email us at: [email protected] within the first 48 hours of purchasing your membership, and we’ll process this immediately.

Some Legal Stuff

The Money Back Guarantee is in addition to any guarantees we are required to give by law.

In this regard, our services come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. 

For major failures with the service, you are entitled:

  • to cancel your service contract with us; and
  • to a refund for the unused portion, or to compensation for its reduced value.

You are also entitled to be compensated for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. If the failure does not amount to a major failure, you are entitled to have problems with the service rectified in a reasonable time and, if this is not done, to cancel your contract and obtain a refund for the unused portion of the contract.