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Understanding Crypto & Buying Your First Bitcoin

This course gets you from 0 to 1 in crypto in less than 2 hours.

Understand why Bitcoin and crypto matter, how to buy and store safely, and common pitfalls to avoid.

Learning Objective

Understand fundamental concepts about Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, money and value. Learn what Bitcoin is, what it can do for you, and its benefits and trade-offs.

Learning Outcome

Become a Bitcoiner!

Course Features

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green tick Adult learning principles
green tick Get some bitcoin
green tick At your own pace
green tick 25 units

Course Details

Some of our courses require evidence of previous experience or study before you can enrol.

  • No prior knowledge requirements for this course
  • Basic internet and computer literacy
  • Time management
  • Bank account and Identifying documents

To be prepared for this course, we recommend that you:

  • are interested in financial security and stability;
  • appreciate emerging technologies;
  • are willing to learn new concepts; and
  • have an appetite for exploring entrenched financial concepts.

Learning Outcomes:
Through a mixture of theory and practical unit work, you’ll learn to:

  • convey the value of bitcoin;
  • describe and summarise foundational cryptocurrency & blockchain knowledge and concepts;
  • use common safety and security practices; and
  • post your first blockchain transaction.

Course Outcomes:
Gain knowledge and develop skills that give you an advantage in the crypto industry.

  • An industry-recognised award/certificate.
  • Confidence in both understanding and explaining Bitcoin and crypto to family and friends.
  • Exposure to the bitcoin blockchain.
  • Skills associated with buying Bitcoin
  • Ability to articulate to a specialised Collective Shift course.

Unit assessments will be conducted with unit-specific and individualised quizzes, interactive questionnaires, multiple-choice questions and short-answer responses.

The module will be assessed based on your responses and marks from the individual units. A final and optional assessment will be provided.

Resources Required & Reading Material:
We provide all resources required for this course. Infrequently, tools/features/websites may be referenced during the course. These will always be free to access.

Expanded Course Details

This course is entirely online. Through a mixture of text-based learning, didactic videos, and weekly video-based guided tutorials of each unit.

You can engage with other learners and teachers through our dedicated Discord channel or complete this course in isolation. This allows you to choose your own style and adventure.

To ensure a streamlined educational pathway for learners, Module 1 has a stricter delivery method relative to other modules.

Assessment Items can be found at the middle and end of each unit. Allowing learners to consolidate their learning. You’ll accrue points/XP or tags as you complete units and modules.

These will accumulate into an overall Module 1, an individualised award presented by Collective Shift. To complete this module, the learner will have to have demonstrated competency by completing the end-of-course quiz.

This module is the foundation for starting your crypto journey with Collective Shift. Within Collective Shift, you can articulate from Module 1 into any specialised modules provided, allowing you to focus on specific areas in crypto that you care most about.

We recognise learners are in different stages of their learning journeys. There is a heavy influence and emphasis on adult learning principles that guide the creation of this module and consequent education.

Are you an adult learner?

  • Adults have a higher sense of self-direction and motivation.
  • Adults use their life experiences to facilitate learning.
  • Adults are focused on achieving goals.
  • Adults need to know how the information is relevant.
  • Adults are practical.
  • Adults are looking for help and mentorship.
  • Adults are open to modern ways of learning.
  • Adults want to choose how they learn.
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