CS10023 Overview

Collective Shift

Module 1- Getting Started

Module 2- Introduction to Bitcoin & Crypto

  • Money is an agreed-upon value by a collective of people.
  • Many consider cryptocurrencies the next generation and a new form of ‘money’.
  • Bitcoin & Ethereum are the largest Cryptocurrencies.
  • Fraud
  • Identify Theft
  • Immediate Settlement
  • Access to Everyone
  • Lower Fees & Cost Savings

Module 3- Staying Safe & Basics Risks In Crypto

  • Bitcoin is a new type of currency that doesn’t require a government to function.
  • Phishing scams are the most common scam attempts
  • Basic wallet security and common sense will negate 95% of all scams.
  • There are 3 types of risk – Exchange Risk, Rugpull Risk & Storage Risk
  • Understand Crypto is still highly risky
  • No such thing as guaranteed returns; be vary of high yield
  • Be prepared for high volatility and understand the risk profile – assets can go to zero
  • All crypto assets are different:
  • Limited protection
  • Understand security
  • DCA can help smooth out volatility

Module 4- How to Buy Bitcoin

If you have never created an exit plan, some things to consider include the following:

  • Your original plan: What was your original goal or plan when you first entered the space or bought those assets?
  • Have you made life-changing amounts of money: This is all up to your personal opinion/circumstance. We define this as any amount of money we would lose sleep over not taking off the table and would significantly alter an aspect of our life.
  • Tax implications: When is your tax due, what does your jurisdiction say about capital gains tax (CGT), and can you get a discount on CGT for holding? Please see your tax professional!
  • Judging your timeframe: Often, an exit plan doesn’t mean exiting 100% of your position—having a stable base is critical for me. It can depend on your timeframe and whether you believe in holding an asset for x years; this can influence how much of a % you exit.
  • Specific targets: It might be a specific time you want to sell or a certain price level, such as a plan to sell x% of an asset when it reaches x price. You can also prepare a plan for downward price action and what points you would sell or what you would do if the price reaches certain lows.

Module 5- The Collective Shift Platorm

  • The Collective Shift platform is also home to a host of Dashboards, Research and Education!
  • You can customise your Dashboard here.
  • You are a bitcoiner. Congratulations
  • Online dashboard to track crypto
  • Daily education and resources to fast-track knowledge
  • Trusted platform with 6 analysts
  • Community to ask questions and learn from
  • A weekly podcast with the team
  • Glossary & acronyms
  • Helped 2000+ people


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What’s Next?

A sneak peek at Module 2 (CS20023)!