What Bitcoin Can Do For You?

Now to Focus on Bitcoin. The longest-running and most secure cryptocurrency.

So far, it has stood the test of time – which cannot be said for most other cryptocurrencies.

Benefits of Bitcoin

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Store of Value

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Non-State Money

Reduction of cost to settlement payments

Bitcoin’s benefits focus on the reduction of cost to settlement payments, the longer-term hedge against inflation or maintaining a store of value and inclusion into the broader financial system.

As a store of value

Bitcoin can provide this store of value due to how difficult it is to change Bitcoin. It is set in stone, and any major change needs to be agreed upon by a majority of the network.

This is a big deal because governments around the world have begun to “print money” and extend the money supply. Since 2020, the money supply increased by 40%. This is unheard of and the worry is we may see more of this in the future. 

Bitcoin is the hedge, non-state money that cannot be inflated away at the whim of a single central bank.

M2 money supply
All the US dollars in the world ever printed. Which direction will it continue to go?

As non-state money

Bitcoin aims to separate money from the governments or the state, to ensure the above doesn’t happen. By creating a more fair financial system, no one can unfairly change the money, without an extremely difficult process or agreement from the entire ecosystem.

Bitcoin explained simply

The best way to think about Bitcoin and its benefits is to think of it as an alternative financial system, with bitcoin (BTC) as a new internet native money controlled by everyone.

bitcoin explained