Add Bitcoin to the Dashboard

Now you’re a Bitcoiner, you can add BTC to our in-app portfolio tracker and dashboard.

Video Tutorial By Bergs (Chief Product Officer)

Written Guide

As per the below image, from the Member Platform menu, go to ‘Your Dashboard‘.

While we have support for hundreds of cryptocurrencies, sometimes there are non-supported ones that members hold. If this applies to you, please let us know! We frequently add cryptocurrencies that are requested by members.

Collective Shift dashboard

How to add Bitcoin (BTC)

Click ‘Customise your dashboard’ and start typing the word ‘bitcoin’ in the box under ‘Assets’. Click the option called ‘Bitcoin’ once it appears.

Then, in the table, add the quantity of BTC under the column called ‘Held Amount’.

Collective Shift dashboard
Collective Shift dashboard

Once added, you can easily adjust your holdings if you choose to buy or sell BTC in the future.

Because you own BTC, your dashboard will display news and research that is related to Bitcoin. For example, enjoy our onchain analyst Checkmate’s insights into Bitcoin and the market!

Collective Shift research