Find A Reputable Exchange

The easiest way to buy Bitcoin is through an exchange (centralised first). It’s the most straightforward and lowest-cost way to turn your fiat into Bitcoin.

The exchange you choose entirely depends on the following:

  • The country you reside in—some countries may not serve you or restrict your buying.
  • Does the exchange support your local currency? Choose an exchange that supports your fiat currency. If not, you may have to pay extra fees or be unable to deposit.

And there are so many different exchanges out there!

crypto exchange brands

Reputation—it’s essential to use trusted exchanges. At this stage, Coinbase is the most trusted crypto exchange (especially if you want to leave it there), or Binance is the lowest fee platform and most widely used.

Tip: Use CoinGecko’s Exchange comparison to see the different centralised exchanges. See the below top 5 exchanges as rated by CoinGecko.

coingecko top crypto exchanges Exchange Analysis

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Example of comparison for Aussie sites