We’ve increased our security measures for all members by introducing two-factor authentication (2FA).

2FA Activation

To increase security and protect our member’s privacy, we’ve added 2FA support to all user accounts.

For those unaware, 2FA is an extra code that expires every 30-seconds to provide greater security in the case your username and password are compromised.

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2FA is opt-in. To activate it, follow the below 3 steps.

1. Go to ‘Your Account


2. Go to ‘Security Settings


#3 Scroll down to ‘Two-Factor Authentication’, scan the QR code and enable 2FA

You may have to download an authenticator app such as Google Authenticator or Authy if you don’t already have it installed.

Open the App and create a new paring/account by scanning the below QR code in your authenticator app.

Copy and paste the randomly generated code into the below ‘verification code’ box.


Enjoy your extra protection!

Congratulations, you now have 2FA activated! The next time you log in, you’ll be required to enter an additional code.



What if I lose my 2FA?
If you lose your 2FA, please contact member support. We will need conclusive proof of your identity to bypass the 2FA.

How do I disable My 2FA? Follow the same process to get to the 2FA setting menu, enter your password and click ‘Disable 2FA’.


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