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Illuvium Summary

llluvium is an upcoming RPG collection and auto-battler game on Ethereum. It is a DAO created by Kieran and Aaron Warwick, brothers who are aiming to build the first AAA game on Ethereum.

The Illuvium open world hosts NFT creatures called Illuvials, each with a finite supply, rarity and other properties.

Players will be able to:

  • Capture Illuvials for use in battles against other players and adventures.
  • Sell Illuvials for ETH on IlluviumDEX.
  • Explore 7 regions, which will be rolled out and unlocked via gameplay.
  • Go on adventures or quests.

Illuvium is both free-to-play and play-to-earn (P2E):

  • Free-to-play: ILV or Fuel is not required to play.
  • P2E: Players can earn in-game yield through competitions and tournaments, or by completing PVE quests. Users can collect NFTs to gain access to deeper adventures or features.

ETH spent on travel fees or skins goes to the decentralised vault, which buys ILV from the open market. 100% of this revenue goes to ILV stakers. A LAND base component exists, where players can buy land was, which critical for in-game resources and share in-game revenue.

Different Illuvium “games”

All Illuvium games will come together under the same banner but offer different gameplay and experiences depending on what you want to get out of it:

  • Illuvium Zero: Land mini-game that powers the Illuvium in-game economy.
  • Illuvium Overworld: An open-world game where players catch and find Illuvials.
  • Illuvium Arena: Where players battle Illuvials and challenge opponents.
  • Illuvium Beyond: Card collections and possible trading card game.

How do all the tokens work together?

  • ILV: The native governance and revenue distribution token.
  • sILV: A staked version where rewards are paid out too and can be used to purchase things.
  • Fuel: The in-game currency used to travel, catch illuvials and make purchases. All Illuvium games require Fuel.
  • Illuvium land: Land is used in Illuvium Zero to create buildings, extract resources, create NFT blueprints and share in ILV revenue distribution.
  • Blueprints: Skins for your Illuvials.

ILV Token Utility

ILV is an ERC-20 token primarily used for governance—ILV has a maximum supply of 10 million. Holders of ILV can vote on proposals in the DAO to improve or change the game.

ILV is distributed as follows: pre-seed (5%), seed (15%), team (15%), treasury (15%), launchpad (10%) and yield (40%).