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Jupiter Summary

Jupiter is the leading decentralised exchange (DEX) aggregator built on the Solana blockchain. It is designed to find the best swap rates for any cryptocurrency.

Jupiter’s innovative approach and features cater to both technical traders and those new to cryptocurrency trading, making it a prominent player in the DeFi space.

The platform began with a focus on token swaps and has since expanded to include several products and features, such as the following:

  • Limit orders: Set specific prices for orders.
  • Dollar-cost average (DCA): Periodically buy certain amounts of cryptocurrency.
  • Bridge: Transfers assets to Solana from other networks.
  • Perps: Placing long and short bets over different periods using leverage.
  • Launchpad (LFG): JUP holders vote for which projects launch their tokens on Jupiter.
  • SUSD: Native Solana yield-bearing stablecoin protocol backed by SOL liquid-staking tokens (LSTs).

JUP Token Utility

Jupiter’s native token is JUP, an SLP token standard on Solana with a maximum supply of 10 billion. It was launched in January 2024 via one of the largest ever airdrops, with JUP distributed to almost 1M wallets.

JUP is the governance token that can staked to give the community the ability to:

  1. Approve parameters such as the date of liquidity programs or when locked tokens are released.
  2. Vote for projects to receive ecosystem initiatives or launched via the launchpad
  3. Mint more tokens beyond the 10B following the Genesis mint

Token Distribution & Emissions Schedule

JUP’s token distribution is split between 50%, which is managed by the team, and 50%, distributed to the community.

There is no set emissions schedule (at the time of writing). Token unlocks are decided by either the team or the community. To execute any changes to the team’s tokens, a majority of 4/7 multi-sig holders must come to a consensus.

A minimum notice of six months must be given to the community before any tokens are sold.

JUP tokenomics (Source: Bitfinex)