Music NFT Investing Workshop and Q&A


01:00 Intro and request for future topics

03:25 Value proposition of music NFTs

08:40 Overview of the music NFT landscape (ecosystem graphic inserted below for convenience)

14:32 Best music NFT communities: SongCamp and Water & Music

16:18 Matt’s go-to music NFT resources (see below timestamps)

20:00 Music NFT token models: 1-of-1s and limited editions

23:10 Innovations in how music NFTs are monetised

28:10 Example of how musicians are utilising creator DAOs: Daniel Allan ($OVERSTIM)

36:45 Headwinds facing music NFTs

40:59 On-chain generative music and digital audio workstations (DAWs): Beat Foundry, Arpeggi Labs and FLOPPY

49:58 What rights do music NFT owners have?

52:22 Are all limited-edition music NFTs equal, or do they differ in rarity?

53:19 Music NFT projects leveraging tiered crowdfunds on

55:25 Will there be a dominant music NFT platform?

57:11 ZORA as the NFT marketplace protocol with the most comprehensive on-chain royalty support

01:00:04 Reflecting on Nas’ NFT drop on Royal

01:01:00 Matt’s investing timeframe for music NFTs vs other NFTs

01:01:49 Thoughts on FLUF World and EnterDAO Sharded Minds

01:03:33 Acknowledging that music NFTs are collectibles for now and investing accordingly

01:04:45 HitPiece’s controversial and illegal NFT music platform

01:06:22 Outro and request for future topics

Suggested resources to go deep into music NFTs


Graphic sourced from the ‘Music NFT Landscape’ blog post linked to above

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