Dune Analytics Deep Dive Workshop and Q&A

Research Analyst Kinji held a live workshop and Q&A on the data platform Dune Analytics—a fantastic tool to use when researching cryptocurrencies. If you missed the workshop watch the video below with full timestamps and presentation notes.

Presentation Slides


01:00 Intro

03:00 Workshop Agenda

04:20 Overview of the Collective Shift Investment Process

07:40 Collective Shift Fundamental Analysis Process

10:30 Utilising Dune for Fundamental Analysis

11:00 Introduction to Dune

12:00 Using Dune for Ecosystem Analysis

22:40 Using Dune for Vertical Fundamentals

30:40 Using Dune for Protocol Fundamentals

34:30 Summarising how Collective Leverages Dune for Investments

36:30 A Brief Overview of Dune Technicals

37:15 How Does Dune Collect Data?

39:45 How Do I Create My Own Dashboard?

44:15 Adding New Contracts for Dune to Track

46:10 Conclusion

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