DeFi Investing Workshop and Q&A

01:00 What is the value proposition of DeFi?

05:30 Where are the places to find information on DeFi?

8:09 How data tools can assist with DeFi investment decision-making

10:35 Using Token Terminal to assist with DeFi investment decisions

15:53 Using Dune Analytics to assist with DeFi investor decisions

19:57 The 5-step process that Kinji follows when researching prospective DeFi investments: trends, protocol, fundamental, team and valuation

21:55 How to spot trends in the DeFi sector

26:08 Foundational DeFi protocols continue to innovate

27:33 How earning yield in DeFi works

30:14 Is there a place to see all DeFi yields and APRs in one place?

33:33 What does it mean to ‘provide liquidity’ and why would you do it?

37:18 What is the difference between market cap and fully diluted market cap?

39:57 What are the most retail-friendly DeFi savings apps?

43:11 Any tips on buying crypto-assets anonymously?

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