Live Hangout With Ben & Matt: Crypto Markets & Investing

Join Ben (CEO) and Matt (Head of Research) to answer any questions you have on the state of the crypto market and their current investment approaches. Ask your questions in the live chat on YouTube!


00:00 Setting up

05:34 Crypto market falls despite bullish U.S. news

09:09 Biden’s executive order

11:42 Sell-off continues for NFT market

16:28 Huge opportunities still there for NFT investors

17:36 Thoughts on real-world applicability of NFTs like AO Art Ball and LinksDAO?

20:10 Regulatory risks associated with fractionalised NFTs

22:48 How should NFT investors be measuring their performance?

25:25 Percentage of BTC and ETH in a portfolio

27:35 N Project

30:05 Treasure DAO and $MAGIC

33:05 Rumble Kong League

34:33 Still need to find product-market fit

36:32 Will Collective Shift become a DAO?

39:42 Thoughts on Animal Kingdom NFT?

40:23 How are NFTs going in the art world?

42:18 Any current investment opportunities outside of NFTs?

45:25 Success story of Terra (LUNA)

48:38 Who will invest in stocks and cryptocurrencies amidst rising inflation and flat wage growth?

52:59 Why investors need to have a plan and stick to it

55:15 Support the Collective Shift YouTube channel

56:45 MEV Army NFT giveaway