NFT Investing Workshop and Q&A


02:58 What are the different styles of NFT investing?

07:47 What is NFT metadata?

11:42 What is Nathan’s NFT investment style?

12:09 How NFT investing is similar to startup investing

16:00 The bullish case for investing in fully on-chain NFTs

19:45 What is Matt’s NFT investment style?

23:50 What NFT tools does Nathan use?

25:25 Is LooksRare a viable competitor to OpenSea?

27:58 What metrics should NFT investors assess on OpenSea?

33:00 What red flags should NFT investors looks out for?

36:00 Aren’t all NFTs on-chain NFTs?

37:52 What does Matt look for when investing in music NFTs?

43:18 How do you know when an NFT collection launched?

46:45 What NFTs is Nathan looking to invest in next?

47:11 Does Nathan try to get on NFT projects’ whitelists?

49:40 Is there a way to calculate an NFT’s rarity?

51:05 Does Matt investing in music NFTs connected to individual artists or groups?

53:26 What is the long-term viability of Solana-based NFTs?

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