Our Investments

These reports cover a crypto-asset held in Collective Shift’s portfolio.
Our analysts delve into the corresponding project—covering everything from upcoming catalysts to competition and risk.

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Portfolio Returns

Our Collective Shift investments and their returns.

The Beginner Portfolio features the most tried and tested cryptocurrencies, BTC and ETH. It’s the simplest way to start your crypto journey.

The Medium-Term Portfolio covers the latest hidden gem Collective Shift is investing in and why we’re so bullish on it. You also get follow-up coverage when we buy or sell these tokens through the year and the reasons for our decision. At least 8 reports released per year. Launched Oct. 2021.

The Long-Term Portfolio is a collection of blue-chip crypto-assets Collective Shift is investing in with a long-term focus. More importantly, Insider and Pro members also get a monthly report detailing crucial developments and any adjustments our team has made to the crypto-assets covered. Launched Nov. 2021.

The NFT Portfolio is a collection of prospective blue-chip non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that we invest in for the medium to long term. Same-day reports are published when we buy and sell. Launched Feb. 2022.

Latest Investment Updates