Monthly Cryptocurrencies Q&A – September 2021


0:00 Introduction and housekeeping

5:17 Is there a resource that shows you how to buy coins that aren’t on major exchanges, such as using MetaMask and SushiSwap?

7:08 How is it possible to receive an “airdrop” just for using a certain exchange in the past?

15:40 What kind of research is Collective Shift doing around regulation? I’ve spoken to some early bitcoin holders who have sold because they think CBDCs will devalue BTC.

17:55 I’m starting the crypto journey and have nearly completed the Beginner’s Course. What are the most useful resources for taking my crypto knowledge to the next level?  My objective is to build a crypto portfolio that is 80% in BTC and ETH, and 20% in riskier cryptocurrencies. However, I’m still not confident to analyse different cryptos and make fact-based decisions.

21:24 On your request, I ended up in Bored Apes much earlier than I would have otherwise. Having now been gifted the mutant serum and kennel dogs, I am considering never selling as this seems like a society of individuals bent on self-enrichment that I should now never sell. Is BAYC now a long-term hold as opposed to a short-term flip with the current NFT bubble.

25:55 Can you highlight the risks with liquidity pools and smart contracts? When you unwind the smart contract do you get the exact amount of original tokens back? For example, you deposit 1 ETH and 100 ILV into a smart contract to provide liquidity. When you withdraw your liquidity, do you get back the original 1 ETH and 100 ILV?

30:30 With the introduction of play-to-earn gaming on different smart contract platforms, could the cost and scaling issues on Ethereum mean that games such as Illuvium will not be sustainable long term compared with Solana-based games like Star Atlas?

34:50 Questions from members watching live