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Collective Shift is your crypto research and analysis partner of Crypto Tax Australia.

Our platform gives you the research and information you need to move before the market—in a way that makes the most of your time. 

Book a free 15 min call and learn the strategies our experts use to meet their own portfolio goals, and how you can apply them to help meet yours.

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Move before the market does

Expert Insight + Efficient Delivery = Better Portfolio Performance

Even the best advice is worthless if you never see it. Our platform is designed to give you quick access to the information that’s most important to you. You’ll have better information with less time spent on research, so you can make timely decisions with confidence. 

Our members see predicted market movements in advance. 

We share our changing investment approaches as we study the market shifts so you can adjust your portfolio to meet your specific goals. We predicted a 2022 bear market in September ‘21, and are now sharing what needs to happen before we buy BTC or ETH again. 

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Our members bought the right assets at the right time.

Get alerts of early opportunities, where life changing profits are made. Bored Ape NFTs made the Shift List when they were $200. The floor price topped at $400k. MPL was added at $16.30 with a profit taking recommendation made 6 months later at $51.50. 

Our members saved investments when others were wiped out.

Your dashboard lets you see the trends as they’re forming. When concerns about the solvency of FTX and Alameda increased, our members were were given the opportunity to  adjust strategies and get out in time to avoid the collapse. 

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Absorb a Week’s Worth of Research Quickly 

  • Learn the strategies and see the moves world-class experts who are dedicated to researching and understanding the crypto markets are making with their own portfolios.
  • Get quick access to all the news and metrics you’d be watching for if crypto investment was your only job. 

Personalised access to every insight.

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How we help you make better investment decision

Personalised Onboarding Call

In the call, we’ll chat about your crypto goals and share insights that you can factor into growing and developing your portfolio.

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Opportunity Identification

Our team of researchers and analysts use our repeatably proven approach to identify good opportunities before most retail investors and rule out the nonsense. The earlier we make our members aware of what’s happening in the market, the more actionable the opportunity becomes.

Analysis & Education

The marketplace is noisy and it’s easy to get pulled into the hype. We’ve all had those mates who say “you should get in on X before it goes off”, but our focus is on analysing opportunities and sharing our findings without too much technical jargon.

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Decision & Monitoring

Our team of researchers and analysts use our repeatably proven approach to identify good opportunities before most retail investors and rule out the nonsense. The earlier we make our members aware of what’s happening in the market, the more actionable the opportunity becomes.

See how our expert insight can help you reach your specific goals.

Book your free 15 minute personal strategy session.

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Explore Our offering A-Z:

White Glove Service Starter Insider Pro
1-on-1 kickoff strategy call Yes
Monthly investor newsletter Yes
Personalised alerts to your inbox Yes
Annual in-person event Yes
Research Reports & Analysis Starter Insider Pro
Weekly onchain analysis videos Yes Yes
Weekly technical analysis videos Yes Yes
Weekly macroeconomic reports Yes Yes
Altcoin & NFT analysis (bullish & bearish) Yes Yes
Weekly trends & fundamental analysis Yes Yes
Selected research reports & analysis Yes Yes Yes
Personal dashboard & portfolio Yes Yes Yes
Education Starter Insider Pro
Ask your questions Yes Yes Yes
Beginner course Yes Yes Yes
Tutorials on demand Yes Yes Yes
Early access to public content Yes Yes Yes
Security centre Yes Yes Yes
Airdrops Yes Yes Yes
Community Starter Insider Pro
Community access Yes Yes Yes
Weekly Live Community Call Yes Yes Yes
Starter Insider Pro
60 day money-back guarantee Yes Yes Yes

The world’s leading companies trust Collective Shift

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Join some of our other thriving members

We believe in Trust and Transparency.

Our team members are open about what we hold and how we trade. 

We’re a community of experts who are passionate about crypto and driven to succeed. With the help of a few of the tools we’ve created and shared with our members, we stay on top of the industry news, the trends, and weed through the nonsense. We do it for ourselves, and we share it with our community. 

We believe in educating our members, not just about investment strategy, but also the important stuff like digital hygiene and self custody, making everyone self-sufficient. 

Learn more about our team on the about us page

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Ben Simpson
Chief Executive Officer

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Matt Willemsen
Head of Research & Content
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Nicholas Sciberras
Senior Research Analyst

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Leon Tandor
Content Creator

We’re committed to providing unbiased, agnostic guidance, and we only recommend opportunities we truly believe in. 

As a matter of policy, we don’t accept payment to promote coins, projects, or for interviews, and we disclose any referral arrangements. 

View our Trust and Transparency page for our policies and disclosures.


We don’t provide direct financial advice, nor provide trading entries or exits. However, for Pro members, we provide you with what we are buying and selling as part of the Shift Portfolio suite.

We also provide regular insights, research, reports and analysis that is designed to be ‘another tool in your toolbox’ – helping to fuel your own research and save you time by giving you our opinion on what the market is doing and where we think it is going.

We occasionally produce trading related content and frequently discuss trading related topics in our community, however, we are not a trading group.

We do have a number of trading partners that regularly post trading related content in our community and all Collective Shift members receive exclusive discounts for trading education with our trading partners.

We offer a 60-Day Guarantee to try out the membership 100% risk-free.

Terms & conditions apply. Please refer to our Money Back Guarantee Terms via the link here for full details

Become a better crypto investor today. 

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