Monthly Cryptocurrencies Q&A – August 2021


0:00 Introduction

0:51 Do you have any plans to launch a YouTube channel and/or start interviewing experts from different projects within the crypto space?

2:25 Was the Poly Network hack due to them having admin keys? If so, is Polygon at risk of a hack as they also have the admin key mode?

06:25 What are some best practices with MetaMask security?

11:24 Is there a method to take profits?

13:15 Why do you think Binance is being targeted by the US (and others) regulatory bodies? Does this mean it could be risky to have funds tied-up in Binance? How does this potentially affect BNB and BUSD?

16:36 With increased regulatory pressure on places like BlockFi, does this raise any potential dangers for crypto-investors? Are funds safe in these places while they’re being investigated/pressured?

17:36 Are there any ‘safe-havens’ to invest crypto while places like Binance and BlockFi are potentially at risk?

19:17 In your opinion, what’s the most exciting project to be released in the near future. Why?

26:16 How does the team process the vast amounts of information that they come across everyday?

29:00 Outro