List of NFT Funds & Collector DAOs

Following the monumental growth of NFTs in 2021, more NFT funds and collector DAOs are launching. Below is a non-exhaustive list of publicly known NFT funds and collector DAOs. (The list will be updated intermittently.)

Investors can track these funds and DAOs to generate insights on:

  • sentiment over a given NFT collection;
  • the maturity of a given NFT sector (e.g. music, photography, on-chain art); and
  • the amount of capital that will soon enter the NFT market.

Unsurprisingly, most NFT funds and collector DAOs invest in blue-chip NFTs. As more of them launch, increased demand will presumably drive blue-chip NFTs’ floor prices higher, and trickle-down benefits may flow to lower-priced NFTs.

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As of Jun. 20, 2023, the below tables consist of 27 NFT investment funds and 15 collector DAOs.

NFT Investment Funds

FundNotes & LinksInitial Fund Size
Sfermion (Fund 1)• Run by Andrew Steinwold, Dan Patterson and Joanna Da Lu
Website / Twitter
Starry Night Capital• Run by Vincent van Dough, GeorgiaO’Eth, Kyle Davies and Zhu Su
• Currently in possession of liquidatoooors
Website / Twitter / Announcement (08/21) / 0xae…6c28
Meta4 NFT Fund 1• Run by Brandon Buchanan and Nabyl Charania
Website / Twitter / SEC Form D / Announcement (10/21) / 0x41…9e06
6529 NFT Fund• Run by Punk 6529, Bharat Krymo, batsoupyum, bonafidehan.eth and NooNe0x.eth
Twitter / SEC Form D / 0xfD…8793 / 0xc6…56CD (Museum) / 0xa7…9Cb5 (SZN2)
1confirmation• 10-year life
Fun fact: 1confirmation led OpenSea’s seed rounds
Website / Twitter / Announcement (06/22) / 0xD0…2067
NFT Fund (by Wave Financial)• Run by Les Borsai and Benjamin Tsai, David Siemer, John Caldwell and Aric Chang
Website / Twitter / Announcement (08/21) / 0xeA…42A5• Run by Guy Hirsch
Website / Announcement (04/22) / 0xF1…f52c
Canary Collection• Run by Ovie Faruq (OSF) and Mike Anderson (Mando)
Website / Twitter / 0x47…DBfA / 0xD3…B1EB
• OSF’s wallets: 0xdc…3bd1 / 0x46…f397
Arca NFT Fund I (by Arca)• Run by Sasha Fleyshman
Website / Twitter / Announcement (02/22)
Curated• Run by Todd Goldberg and Andrew Jiang
Website / Twitter / Announcement (03/22) / 0x9E…049a / 0xC9…27BF
Spencer Ventures• Run by Spencer Gordon-Sand
Website / Twitter / Article (09/22) / 0x36…90ae
Alphaverse NFT Fund (by Alphaverse Capital)• Run by Linus Caldwell
Twitter / Launch tweet (04/22) / 0x9B…4dC8
Parzival Fund• Run by Josh Bobrowsky
Delphi INFINFT• Run by Delphi Digital and gmoney
Website / Announcement (05/21)
1.21 Gigawatts• Run by Ryan Carson
• Is a rolling fund via AngelList
Website / Details (04/22)
$25M in committed capital and $183M with strong interest (Apr. 29)

14,000+ ETH (May 4)
Kutoa Capital• Run by Dean Karlan and Max Karlan
Website / Twitter
FIRSTEDITION.XYZ• Run by Jake Brukhman
• Focus on rare NFTs
• Launched in 2019
Website / Twitter / 0x40…2ca3
Accelerate NFT Fund• Focused on blue-chip NFTs
• Launching on Jul. 29, 2022
Website / Twitter / Announcement (06/22)
PNG Capital• Run by shyree and serpin taxt
Website / Twitter / Announcement (04/22) / 0x5F…c184 / 0x93…6c01
MB Collection• Run by MB
• Focused on digital and contemporary art
Website / Twitter
W3 Capital• Run by Basil (Mountian)
• Focused on blue-chip NFTs
Twitter / Announcement (01/22) / 0x57…1396
Flooring LabTwitter
B3V*• Run by DCL Blogger and Exto Partners
eGirl Capital*• Run by CL, FJ, @scupytrooples, @mewn21, Eva Beylin, @hedgedhog7, @loomdart, @devops199fan, @DegenSpartan, @CryptoCatVC and @five5brown_eyes
• Focused on art
Website / Twitter / 0xcb…2C7B
Galaxy Interactive*• Run by Richard Kim and Sam Englebardt
Announcement (10/21)
Metaversal*Website / Twitter / Announcement (01/22)$50M
True Ventures*Website / Twitter
*Partially invested in NFTs. Remainder is fungible tokens or equity or both.

Collector DAOs

DAONotes & Links
Flamingo• Estimated portfolio value exceeded $1B in Feb. 2022
Website / Twitter / 0xcf…c0f0
NEON DAO• Focus: Metaverse
Website / Twitter / 0x9d…95a0
Fingerprints DAO• Focus: Smart contracts used as art
Website / Twitter / 0xbC…C76B
Poseidon NFT DAO• No focus on a specific NFT category
Website / Twitter / 0xbE…9f00
ReidarDAO• No focus on a specific NFT category
Linktree / Twitter / 0x8e…6c77
Arts DAO• No focus on a specific NFT category
• Representing the “largest Web3 community in the Middle East.”
Website / Twitter / 0xA1…eEA8
PalmDAO• An NFT treasury within Nifty Island
Website / Twitter / 0xE4…4fe0
NoiseDAO• Focus: Music NFTs
Website / Twitter / 0xd7…32bf
RAW DAO• Focus: Photography NFTs
Website / Twitter / 0xF9…7A10
GrailersDAO• Focus: Generative art and Art Blocks NFTs
Website / Twitter / 0x63…1E38
UpsideD∀O• No focus on a specific NFT category
• “Europe’s leading Web3 investment DAO.”
Twitter / 0xf4…AE13 / 0xbe…E541
Mutant Cats DAO• No focus on a specific NFT category
Website / Twitter / 0xb2…e606
The Collective DAO• No focus on a specific NFT category
Website / Twitter / 0x3e…c837
Davinci DAO• Collector and investment DAO on Solana
Website / Twitter
Le DAO• On-chain art DAO on Solana
Website / Twitter
Total of 15 collector DAOs. Last updated on Jul. 29, 2022.

Other Alternative Sources of Demand for Blue-Chip NFTs

There are also several DAOs that, among other things, accumulate NFTs from a given collection. Some examples:

  • SquiggleDAO owns 275 Squiggles. (Etherscan)
  • Monster DAO collects works by Des Lucréce. (Etherscan)
  • Proofer DAO collects NFTs tied to the PROOF ecosystem. Owns 4 PROOF Collective NFTs, 5 Grails and 17 Moonbirds. (Etherscan)
  • ProofGrails DAO collects Grails. Owns 20 Grails. (Etherscan)
  • SharkDAO collects Nouns. Owns 6 Nouns. (Etherscan)
  • Floorbirds DAO collects Moonbirds. Owns 1 Moonbird. (Etherscan)
  • PunksDedDAO collects floor Punks, agnostic of traits and rarity. Owns 2 Punks as well as 2 Moonbirds. (Etherscan)

Additionally, with NFTs and DeFi converging, alternative sources for blue-chip NFTs are growing. An example here is FloorDAO, where $gFLOOR holders intermittently vote on which NFT collection to sweep and add to the treasury. (See Nathan’s member post (Mar. 26, 2022) to learn about FloorDAO.)

Lastly, non-crypto-native companies and organisations have started buying NFTs over the past 2 years. Some examples:

  • Visa bought a CryptoPunk in Aug. 2021.
  • adidas Originals bought Bored Ape #8774 (aka Indigo Herz) and is using it for branding.
  • KPMG Canada bought a World of Women NFT in Feb. 2022.
  • Twitter went on a buying spree in January 2022—albeit, it bought no blue-chip NFTs.
  • AriZona Iced Tea amassed a sizable NFT collection, including a Bored Ape.
  • New Zealand Rugby Commercial bought 33 World of Women Galaxy NFTs in Oct. 2022.

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