Comprehensive List of Crypto Research & Analytics Tools

Below is a list of analytics tools, dashboards and platforms that you can use to supplement your cryptocurrency research. Where relevant, project names link to their corresponding website, app or asset page.

The resource is divided into 4 sections, each of which is ordered alphabetically. Some tools appear in multiple sections.

Section 1: Categories & Use Cases


DAOs and governance

  • Boardroom: platform and suite of products improving distributed decision-making for decentralised organisations.
  • DeepDAO: comprehensive metrics on DAOs and DAO tokens.
  • Tally: website tracking proposal reviews and voting stats for several projects.



  • DeBank: tracking gross value locked (GSV), which equals the total value (USD) of all ETH and other ERC-20s locked in smart contracts.
  • DefiLlama: analytics and rankings dashboard for DeFi protocols.
  • DeFi Market Cap: website tracking key metrics of several DeFi protocols.
  • DeFi Users Over Time: Dune dashboard tracking users overall and for several DeFi protocols.
  • REKT Database: database of 2,500+ DeFi scams, hacks and exploits.

Developer metrics

  • Artemis: dashboard tracking on- and off-chain developer activity across various blockchains.


  • DEX Metrics: Dune dashboard tracking Ethereum-based DEX activity.

Financial metrics

  • Crypto Fees: tracking fees generated by blockchains and crypto organisations.
  • Money Movers: tracking the settlement value ($USD) of the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains.
  • Open Orgs: tool tracking the treasury accounts of major crypto organisations.
  • Token Terminal: financial metrics for crypto protocols.
  • Token Unlocks: detailed tokenomics data, insights on significant unlocks, and their implications



Impermanent loss

Layer 2

Lending and borrowing

  • DeFi Rate: interest rates from top cryptocurrency lending protocols and crypto banks.
  • LoanScan: web app that provides financial information and analytics for debt issued on Ethereum.

Liquidity pools and yield farming

  • experimental registry for liquidity pools and yield farms.
  • APY Vision: All-in-one liquidity pool analytics and yield farming rewards tracking tool.
  • CoinGecko Yield Farms: calculator for yield farmers.
  • Etherscan Yield Farms: list of yield farms provided by Etherscan.
  • GeckoTerminal: web app displaying pool and DEX data across a large number of layer-1 and layer-2 blockchains.
  • third-party app tracking liquidity pools on Balancer, Bancor, Curve and Uniswap.
  • Revert: liquidity pool tracking app.
  • analytics dashboard providing liquidity pool information from DeFi platforms across multiple blockchains.
  • analytics for liquidity pools across major DeFi apps.
  • Yield Farming Tools: tools and analytics for yield farming pools.

Locked liquidity

  • Unicrypt: platform to provable lock liquidity into smart contracts.

Market data aggregators

  • CoinGecko: cryptocurrency price aggregator.
  • CoinMarketCap: cryptocurrency price aggregator.
  • CryptoCompare: cryptocurrency price aggregator.
  • Cryptowatch: cryptocurrency price aggregator.
  • DexGuru: real-time data analysis on tokens.
  • DEXTools: real-time data analysis on tokens.
  • DropsTab: tracking crypto market and token metrics.
  • Quantify Crypto: tracking crypto market and token metrics.
  • The Block Data Dashboard: platform tracking key crypto metrics.
  • Dora: real-time crypto analytics platform tracking transfers, swaps, and mints across networks like Ethereum, Polygon and much more

Maximal extractable value (MEV)

  • Flashbots Transparency Dashboard: dashboard of metrics related to the Flashbots mev-boost relay and builder since Ethereum’s Merge.
  • website tracking mev-boost relays and block builders. By @_anishagnihotri.
  • MEV Explore: analytics dashboard that’s reducing information asymmetry on MEV activities and illuminating the “Dark Forest”. Built by Flashbots.
  • MEV Watch: website tracking the percentage of Ethereum blocks built by OFAC-compliant mev-boost relays, as a percentage of mev-boost-proposed blocks or all blocks.


  • HashrateIndex: analytics and insights for PoW blockchains including miners, algorithms and coins.


  • 2022–23 Unlocks: Google Sheet with unlock info of several tokens. By @bobbybanzai.
  • calculate the CO2 footprint of an Ethereum address.
  • Chainlist: connecting Web3 wallets to EVM-compatible blockchains
  • Degen Score: determines investor types based on tokens held.
  • Disperse: distribute ETH or Ethereum-based tokens to multiple addresses.
  • DustSweeper: clean out small token balances and swap for ETH with minimal gas.
  • How Traceable is your Ethereum Address?: determines whether a wallet address can be traced back to any Twitter account. By @m1guelpf.
  • State of Crypto Index: interactive tool by a16z crypto that tracks the health of the crypto industry from a technological perspective. Data is updated monthly.
  • Token Faucet: a list of token contracts deployed on all testnets with deterministic addresses. By DefiLlama.
  • Modular Cloud: A block explorer for modular blockchains!

Participation platforms

  • POAP: proof-of-attendance protocol and creator of POAP tokens.
  • Poap Art: NFT and art platform built by POAP.
  • Poap Fun: raffle events for POAP holders.
  • RabbitHole: Web3 tool to earn crypto as you participate with DeFi.

Portfolio tracking

  • DappRadar: analytics and rankings dashboard of dapps.
  • DeBank: portfolio tracking, DEX and DeFi market analytics platform.
  • Zapper: portfolio tracking, DEX and DeFi market analytics platform.
  • Zerion: portfolio tracking, DEX and DeFi market analytics platform.


  • The Great Coin Run: Insolvency Tracker: Website tracking publicly-reported information relating to the 2022 crypto industry liquidity crisis. Maintained by Preston Byrne.
  • U.S. Crypto Policy Tracker: Website tracking by the Crypto Council for Innovation that tracks U.S. legislation and reports following the Executive Order on Digital Assets.
  • Cod3x:real-time updates on the evolving crypto regulatory scene, it’s a collaborative platform for lawyers and creators

Security, code reviews and audits

  • DeFi Safety: rating system for DeFi apps and smart contracts.

Social analytics

Social tokens

  • Forefront: analytics platform for social tokens.


Token lists

  • Token Lists: community-led initiative to improve discoverability, reputation and trust in ERC-20 token lists.
  • Token Sniffer: platform tracking trending, newest and top tokens as well as latest scams and hacks.

Wallet approvals

Zero-knowledge technology

  • Ingopedia: GitHub repo that lists resources and links related to zero-knowledge technology.

Section 2: Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)


  • directory of art projects that are entirely onchain.
    • View the data as a sortable table on this website is Takens Theorem.
  • CryptoArt: aggregated information on rare NFT and digital art pieces from major NFT platforms.


  • registry for CC0 NFT projects.

Ethereum NFTs


  • ENS.Tools: discover dropping, expired and dictionary ENS names.
  • ENS.Vision: ENS bulk search tool.

Music NFTs

  • Catalog (Dune Dashboard): dashboard tracking various metrics specific to Catalog.
  • Future Tape: a minimalist player for the web3 tracks on Catalog, Sound and Nina. Tracks most active artists and top collectors.
  • Royal (Dune Dashboard): dashboard tracking various metrics specific to Royal.
  • Trending (Sound): leaderboard tracking artist sales and individual collectors on Sound. Can toggle by 7 days, 30 days and all time.

NFT market data and analytics

  • Ape Monitor: portfolio tracker and assigner of permanence grades. By @jonathanmcai.
  • tracking NFT data from popular brands.
  • CryptoSlam!: analytics and rankings for NFT and blockchain assets.
  • DeGenData: analytics platform featuring major NFT collections.
  • Degenz.Finance: NFT dashboard.
  • Derisk: web app for viewing transaction details and derisk amounts.
  • Inspect: platform that ranks Ethereum- and Solana-based NFTs on community strength as measured by social signals.
  • JPEG.CASH: calculate your Ethereum-based NFT profit or loss. Supports multiple wallet addresses and only ETH transactions.
  • NFTGO: NFT data aggregation platform with features including multi-dimensional NFT market rankings; market data visualisation and an asset search engine.
  • NFTNerds: feature-rich tools for NFT traders and investors. Initial support for Ethereum. Will eventually support multiple chains.
  • NFT Timeline: website tracking the history of NFTs.
  • OpenSea Rankings: analytics and rankings on OpenSea.
  • website dedicated to ranking generative art and collectible NFTs by rarity.
  • Traitsniper: web app for tracking rarities within NFT collections. Can overlay natively in OpenSea.
  • free dashboard for tracking all critical metrics for Ethereum-based NFTs. Plans to expand to other blockchains.

NFT Dune dashboards

NFT price data

  • Blur: NFT marketplace and aggregator for pro traders.
  • Floor Finder: multi-collection floor tracker.
  • NFT Price Floor: website tracking NFT price floors.
  • NiftyPrice: web app focused on providing the most up-to-date and comprehensive NFT market data.
  • WGMI: an OpenSea floor and account valuation tool.

Solana NFTs

  • web app to find out how rare a given NFT is.
  • Hyperspace: NFT explorer and analytics app.
  • Solanart: the first fully-fledged NFT marketplace on Solana.
  • SolSea: open NFT marketplace with integrated minting, NFTs with embedded licenses, rarity index, and more.

Section 3: Blockchain-Specific Explorers & Tools


  • Aptos Explorer: block explorer for Aptos. Supports mainnet, testnet and devnet.
  • Aptos Systems: directory of projects building on Aptos, an upcoming layer-1 blockchain.


  • Arbiscan: block explorer for the Arbitrum One and Arbitrum Nova chains.


  • Arweave Wiki: a wiki including all major Arweave documentation and technical information.
  • Block Explorer: block explorer for the Arweave protocol.


  • Avascan: data on blockchains, assets, transactions, smart contracts, validators and delegators on Avalanche.
  • Burned AVAX: dashboard displaying total fees burned in terms of AVAX and USD.


  • BaseScan: block explorer for Base, an L2 built on Ethereum. Also has charts and other tools.

Binance Smart Chain (BSC)



  • Canto Analytics: dashboard with overall details for Canto along with metrics for DEX volumes and lending. Built by NeoBase.



  • Celo Explorer: web app to explore Celo blocks, transactions, addresses, balances and more.





  • Flowverse: list of projects and upcoming NFT drops on Flow.


  • awesome-fuel: GitHub repo that lists resources related to the Fuel ecosystem.


HECO Chain

  • HecoInfo: blockchain explorer for the HECO Chain.


  • CKB Explorer: site for exploring addresses, tokens, blocks, hash rate, Nervos DAO information and all other activities on Nervos CKB.


  • Oasis Scan: web app for exploring Oasis blocks, transactions and validators.




  • SeiScan: blockchain explorer for Sei.




  • TzStats: a Tezos blockchain analytics explorer.


  • Zcash Explorer: web app to explore Zcash blocks; transactions; addresses; balances; nodes and protocols; blockchain stats; and charts.
  • Zchain Explorer: analytics and visualisation dashboard for Zcash.

Section 4: Project-Specific Tools


  • 0x Tracker: the 0x trade explorer and news aggregator.



  • Aavescan: website with live and historical Aave rates.
  • Aavewatch: website displaying the latest key data on the Aave protocol.



  • Balancer Dashboards: directory of community-made Dune dashboards and analytics for Balancer.
  • analytics dashboard for Balancer liquidity pools.


Basic Attention Token

  • BraveBat: Brave creator directory and growth tracker.


  • CCIP Explorer: lightweight block explorer for seeing the status and details of CCIP transactions.



  • Connext Explorer: network explorer for tracking detailed analytics both at the network level and chain-specific levels. Built by CoinHippo.


  • Stats: webpage with the latest stats on each Curve pool.



  • FOAM Tools: third-party app for interacting with the FOAM Map.

The Graph

  • Subgraph Explorer: webpage displaying all subgraphs that are immediately available for querying using GraphQL.



  • Dai Stats: dashboard for real-time Dai stats from the Ethereum blockchain.
  • DeFi Explore: information about collateralised debt positions on Maker’s multi-collateral DAI protocol.



  • CKB Explorer: site for exploring addresses, tokens, blocks, hash rate, Nervos DAO information and all other activities on Nervos CKB.

Nexus Mutual


  • Nouns Metrics: website with insights and deep dives on Nouns onchain data.



  • PoolExplorer: dashboard with onchain data related to PoolTogether.
  • leaderboard of PoolTogether’s luckiest-ever winners.

Raiden Network

  • Raiden Explorer: explorer displaying information about the status of the Raiden Network.


  • Command Center: dashboard tracking RenVM stats and the number of operating dark nodes.


  • SiaStats: explorer with charts and advanced metrics for the Sia network.


  • SNX Tools: the Etherscan equivalent for the Synthetix ecosystem.
  • Synthetix Dashboard: web app that monitors and tracks transactions in the Synthetix ecosystem.


  • Unistats: open-source utility that fetches historical fee accrual for any Uniswap exchange.
  • Uniswap Info: explorer with transaction and liquidity pool stats for Uniswap.


  • YFI Stats: metrics covering all aspects of the Yearn vaults.