Monthly Cryptocurrencies Q&A – November 2021


0:42 What is your current profit-taking strategy for BTC and ETH?

3:25 What is your opinion on diminishing returns and lengthening cycles? Do you agree or disagree this is or will happen?

5:40 How much of our positions should we sell before we enter a bear market?

8:07 So if we go into this bear market or crypto winter as all seem to predict in the next couple of months to crash 90%, where does all that liquidity go and what happens to all the new key sectors of crypto now, like DeFi, NFTs, L2 and real-world applications of the sector in general?

15:28 In reference to the Sunday Fund Day posts, can you explain the different series of funding rounds?

20:02 Are Uniswap, SushiSwap and PankcakeSwap safe?

24:37 What’s your view on “dead” projects such as LTC, BCH that were popular in 2017, and haven’t got much attention this year?

27:14 What are some ways to be eligible for more airdrops?

36:29 You guys haven’t touched much on the DeFi 2.0 narrative whether you follow it or not. Also, some members may benefit from a rundown of OHM/Olympus DAO and the bonding mechanism they employ. How this mechanism is being utilised by other protocols now. Also, any thoughts on Squid DAO?

44:41 Where is this metaverse pump going? Two years ago, Facebook announced their cryptocurrency which temporarily pumped the markets but then fell short. The metaverse pump triggered this time by Facebook seems early for an actual bull run since most games are nowhere near launching, but the market structure seems poised for a takeoff. Would love to hear your thoughts on if this pump is better to sit on the sidelines for a better buying opportunity, or if your team would be investing in it now.

48:52 I have a family member who is a well-known artist, they have been approached by an entrepreneur that’d like to turn their artwork into NFTs. What are some risks to be cautious of when selling your art to someone who wants to tokenise it?