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Identifying Where to Buy Selected Cryptocurrencies

When you’re learning about and researching a certain cryptocurrency, it can be hard to find out where to buy it.

You won’t often find crypto projects’ websites and blogs telling you where to buy their native cryptocurrency. They have more important things to focus on—like building their platform, protocol or app.

Below, we teach you how to find where to buy a cryptocurrency you’re researching. We cover several popular websites as well as some apps that let you do this.

Finding Where to Buy Cryptocurrencies

There are thousands of crypto exchanges out there. Each of them lets you buy and sell different cryptocurrencies. If you have an account with CoinSpot, for example, you may want to buy a cryptocurrency they don’t have.

So how do you find out what crypto exchange to go to? There are websites and app that track all the exchanges that offer a certain cryptocurrency. Some of the most popular ones are covered below. There is also a section at the end which briefly describes some mobile apps you can download which let you find where to buy individual cryptocurrencies. 


CoinGecko tracks over 6,000 cryptocurrencies and over 400 exchanges, making it an easy way to find key information on a given cryptocurrency.

On the homepage, there is a list of the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap. If you’re looking for a particular cryptocurrency, use the search bar.

Let’s say you’ve learnt about Bitcoin and now want to buy BTC. From CoinGecko’s homepage, what you’d do is select ‘Bitcoin’. Once on the Bitcoin page, select ‘Markets’. You’ll then see. list of all the exchanges you can buy BTC on.


CoinMarketCap is very similar to CoinGecko. To find out where to buy a certain cryptocurrency, let’s use ETH as an example.

When on the CoinMarketCap homepage, you’‘ll see a list of the most popular cryptocurrencies by market cap. Select on ‘Ethereum’ under the ‘Cryptocurrencies’ tab. (You could also type ‘ETH’ in the search bar and select ‘Ethereum (ETH)”.)

When on the Ethereum page, click the ‘Market Pairs’ tab. You’ll then see a list of all the exchanges you can buy ETH on.

Apps to Find Where to Buy Cryptocurrencies

If you prefer using your phone to navigate the crypto world, there are many apps you can use to find where to buy a certain cryptocurrency.

CoinGecko has an app that—like its website—lets you find which exchanges have the cryptocurrencies you’re interested in. On the CoinGecko app, you can do basically everything you can on the website, including finding out where to buy a particular cryptocurrency.

Coin Stats is a free mobile app that tells you which exchanges list a certain cryptocurrency. It’s a widely used app among the crypto community, and its features include portfolio tracking, charts, news and alerts.

We hope you now know how to find where you can buy individual cryptocurrencies. Unsure about the buying process or have other burning questions? Head back to ‘Introduction to Buying Cryptocurrency‘.