Guide to RabbitHole

RabbitHole is an app that rewards you for performing specific tasks on various crypto protocols and dapps. Using RabbitHole is a great way to get acquainted with the crypto space—all whilst earning some project tokens in the process.


How RabbitHole Works

RabbitHole introduces game-like tasks on top of existing contracts to provide a more engaging user-onboarding process. (Before starting, connect your MetaMask to RabbitHole.)

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By completing on-chain tasks (or ‘quests’), you earn tokens (or ‘skills’). RabbitHole gets these tokens from the relevant project.

For example, a previous Quest required you to (i) make a token swap on Uniswap v3 and (ii) provide liquidity to a Uniswap v3 pair. If you were among the first 500 RabbitHole users to do these tasks, you earned 2 UNI tokens and an NFT.

In the above example, RabbitHole was able to reward users with UNI tokens because the Uniswap Grants Program granted it $20,000 worth of UNI tokens. In this sense, RabbitHole is the world’s first crypto-native paid user acquisition channel. 

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Soon, RabbitHole will launch ‘journeys’, which are multi-protocol quests. For example, lending across or providing liquidity for many protocols.


The more skills you acquire, the more quests you qualify for and the more XP you can earn. (Technically, you advance up skill levels as you gain more XP. For example, after reaching level 3, you may need to earn 500 XP before you advance to level 4.)

As of this writing, RabbitHole has tasks for the following 4 skills:

  • BrightID: A proof-of-human decentralised network.
  • Identity Pro: Become verified and get your ENS name.
  • Asset Management: Learn how to become a treasury manager on the most popular DeFi protocols.
  • Lending: Earn interest by lending out your assets.

Each skill has 1 or more associated tasks. For example, the following 3 tasks fall under the Asset Management skill:

  • Stream with Superfluid on Polygon.
  • Deposit assets into a Yearn V2 vault.
  • Set up a Gnosis Safe wallet with 2 signers.

Get notified of new quests by joining RabbitHole’s Discord server.