How to Set Up & Use Brave Browser Rewards

Brave Browser puts you in control over how much advertising you’re shown and provides a seamless exchange of value between advertisers and users in terms of attention. Brave Browser Rewards are an integral part of the browser’s function and easy to set up, meaning you can start earning Basic Attention Token (BAT) instantly.

This resource shows you how to enable and set up Brave Browser Rewards, and how to withdraw BAT via Uphold.

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Enabling Brave Browser Rewards

After installing Brave Browser, you’ll be shown the ‘Welcome Tour’ and be given the option to ‘Enable Rewards’. If you already have the browser installed, you can enable Brave Rewards via the browser’s menu.

When navigating the Brave Rewards page in the browser’s settings, you’ll see links to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy as well as an explainer on how it works. Clicking ‘Yes, I’m in!’ will get your set-up process started.

Ad settings

The options are simple: Brave Rewards can be enabled or disabled. Additionally, you can choose how much advertising you wish to see. As per below, select ‘Ad Settings’ to change this setting.

Ads will be shown up to your maximum threshold per hour you select, which can be changed at any time. You may not see exactly this many ads as this is a maximum number you’ll receive, which depends on a range of factors such as your usage or location.

Once enabled, ads will start appearing in the lower right-hand corner of your active browser window.


To tip content creators using deposited or earned BAT, click the BAT icon in the browser’s address bar. Depending on the website you’re on, you can directly tip the content creator. Tips can also be sent to content creators on websites such as Reddit, Twitter, GitHub or YouTube.

You can choose to send a one-time tip to the content creator of 1, 10 or 100 BAT. Alternatively, you can set up a monthly tip—an option that appeals to those who enjoy rewarding the creators of the content they frequently consume.

If you attempt to tip a publisher who’s not verified on the Brave Browser as a publisher, your tip will be attempted for 90 days. If the publisher remains unverified after this time, you get back the amount of your attempted tip.

Signing Up to Uphold

To back up your BAT and access advanced features of Brave Browser, it’s highly recommended you create an Uphold account. Doing so will let you have your earned BAT automatically withdrawn from your Brave wallet to your Uphold account.

Once in this account, you can exchange your BAT other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies. Alternatively, you can send it to another Ethereum address.

At the end of the tour, you may be asked to create an Uphold account. If you don’t see this, you can do this by heading to ‘Sign Up’ on the official Uphold website. (Remember to verify the accuracy of the URL to ensure you are not on a phishing site.)

To proceed, you must provide certain details as well as read and agree to Uphold’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Account verification

Once you’ve created an account, Uphold will ask you to verify it. Since Uphold is a U.S.-based company, it is legally obligated to adhere to KYC requirements. And so, you must provide your full legal name, date of birth and contact number and match the photo ID supplied.

Next, you must verify your email address. Click ‘Verify’ to initiate the process. Within seconds, a verification email will appear in your inbox.

Uphold will issue a verification link to the email used on signup. Only click the link if you are expecting it and have personally checked the domain in the URL.

ID verification

In this final step of account setup, you must submit address information which matches the photo ID you uploaded in the previous step.

You can upload a copy of your ID via smartphone or webcam. You must have a government-issued ID document; a well-lit space; and the ability to photograph yourself and your ID.

Following this, Uphold will process your submission and email you regarding the outcome. Once verified, you can access all user functionalities such as withdrawing BAT.